Since their first shows at the National Folk Festival in Canberra back in ’94,  the SNACS have ridden a wave    of popularity which has seen tours in every state/territory and overseas, entertained people of all backgrounds varying in ages from 2 to 92, plus the release of five independent CDs. 



Howdy Everyone,

Well the Cowpersons had a fun, few last shows, complete with, as Calamity Jim put it - the very final “deconstruction” show at the Woodford Festival. 

Soon we’ll be adding some pictures to this website, from some of our last shows; we’d also like to let you know that our CD shop is still running and open for business.

Many of our last shows were filmed with the aim of a future DVD release.  That’s still a possibility, and we will certainly keep you posted here, on our website, when that may happen.  Our guest book is still active as well, so feel free to add you comments. 

We’d like to thank you all for your support through the years, it sure has been a lot of fun…

Sensitive New Age Cowpersons

February 2007


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