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"....the SNACS have cut a swathe through folk, acoustic and country music circles ... brilliant and hilarious.

"West Australian Newspaper


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"Little doubt that the sensation of the 1996 Festival was those Sensitive New Age Cowpersons.  At the  beginning of the weekend nobody had heard of them. By the end of the Festival the Ham Concert Marquee wasn't big enough for all their new fans..."

The Sidmouth Folk Festival News, UK


The band's playing is revelatory ... it is all done with such elan, it is difficult to resist ... four stars out of five.

The Scotsman (Edinburgh Festival Revue)

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"Over literally thousands of acts we have booked at the festival over our 15 year history, the Sensitive New Age Cowpersons would be in the top three.Apart from the fact that they sell out every time they appear, they enthuse audiences where-ever they perform.They are regarded in the industry as seriously great musicians and singers, there is , for us, no finer attribute. This is a compliment we pay so few, these guys are professional in every sense of the word."

Woodford Folk Festival ,

"These guys crack me up. Always have! Try to imagine U2 (still haven't found what I'm looking for) performed as bluegrass. Hey, it works! Try to imagine a new Australian national anthem that pays homage to Skippy the bush kangaroo, Neighbours, Redgum and a couple of other icons. Then imagine the same crowd of buffoons strumming their own instrument while they finger another. You get all that plus some very entertaining personalities in between. Unmissable!..."

Port Fairy Folk Festival,


"Unique is one way of describing the SNACs, crazed is another, but there is one thing you can't deny - when it comes to playing bluegrass, they have few equals."


Bob Anthony Jnr,

Daily News, NSW



Crowd at Fremantle Arts Centre,

January 2005

Photo courtesy of Lorna Henson












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Photos courtesy of Phil Torode
Sensitive New Age Cowpersons 2010

Last modified: October 26, 2010

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"You guys are heros - I take you in the car with me
 every time I'm out and you make me laugh! 
That's a great gift. Thank you. And your musicianship
leaves us breathless. How lucky we are to have you."
Fremantle Arts Centre, January 2005

Rachel Green