ADAM GARE…. Adam has been playing professionally for over twenty years.  He sings a high sweet tenor and plays mandolin and fiddle plus a few other odd instruments, including the Theremin - the hands free electronic instrument used by the Beach Boys in Good Vibrations.

 At fourteen he played in a band with Ian Simpson called the Busketeers. He was a member of the Jam Tarts and Nansing Quartet, a family based Perth band that toured nationally and internationally including the Edinburgh Festival.

In Melbourne for the last twelve years, Adam has recorded and toured with various artists including Paul Kelly as part of Gerry Hale's Uncle Bill, Melbourne Theatre Company's Grapes of Wrath, Renee Geyer and Tim Rogers of You Am I.

Adam returned to live in Perth at the beginning of 2003 and is the newest member of the Cowpersons.

Photo courtesy of Lorna Henson
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