Australia’s premier, comedy bluegrass band and crowd favourite have been at

it again. In between touring and extra-curricular activities like liver

transplants, and even more life threatening, supporting their beloved AFL

footy team, the Freo Dockers, the boys have recently released their fourth

independent album titled “..Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch”



The Cowpersons have built their reputation on whacky covers of songs from

artists ranging from ABBA to Hendrix “played bluegrass style”, and in their

latest installment, legendary tunes get the Sensitive treatment include “Howzat”,

“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”, “Burning Love” and even a medley of songs

from the Sound of Music.



Not bad for an independent, bluegrass comedy act from the other side of the

planet from Kentucky – and other places where banjo picking is a culturally

relevant activity!



The SNACs are damn funny, but they are also very talented players, which give

the humour that all-important edge and keeps the crowd yelling for more.




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