Program Notes



The SNACs was formed in 1994, out of an opportunity to play at the

National Folk Festival in Canberra. The resultant storm and subsequent

momentum that was created by their bluegrass inspired, comedic assault

has seen the band continue to play at all the major country and folk festivals

around Australia.



The line-up of Jim Fisher aka “Calamity Jim” – guitar, Ian Simpson aka “Kid

Simpson” – banjo, Fred Kunhl aka “Stan Pede” – double bass, and Adam Gare

aka “Doc Adams” – mandolin, continue to find ample opportunity to parody

great Australian icons such as the “fly” and the “mullet” hair-cut on their

fourth, independently recorded album “…Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch”.



“This CD Will Change Your Life”  (Independent 1995)

“Strange On The Range”  (Independent 1997)

“Fly Like a Chicken”  (Independent 2002)

“…Meanwhile…Back at the Ranch”  (Independent 2004)